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  • Does your baby have cows milk protein allergy and you don't know where to turn?

  • Do you have any questions about Pregnancy Nutrition?

  • Do you worry about what your little one eats? 

  • Are you struggling with what to eat and losing your 'baby weight'?





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If you're struggling and think your baby has cow's milk allergy and don't know where to turn then I can help. If you struggling with your pregnancy nutrition due to sickness then I can help. If you feel your baby is a fussy eater then I can help.

Does each bit of information and advice you get from family, friends or the internet seem to conflict? I've been there and it left my head spinning with what to do. If this sounds familiar then get in touch.



The advice I give is 100% evidence-based. What this means is I don't provide my opinion but the FACTS. You might not get overnight fixes but will get honest, reliable support whether for you and your baby. If you fill in the contact form I can guarantee I will be in touch within 7 days to chat through your worries. 



I know that trying to navigate weaning with a little one with food allergies can be daunting, and that your instinct tells you something isn't right but you're not sure where to turn then I can help. 



As a mum-to-be I know how difficult it can be when you're pregnant and the sight or smell of food just makes you feel...well awful. I also had the mum to be guilt of feeling like I wasn't eating the right foods for my baby. I can help and you can trust me to support you through your pregnancy with great nutrition. 



With both my daughters i've been through the fussy phase and also supported my eldest daughter with food aversions and restricted eating where she struggled to swallow anything but liquids. This was a tough time, but using the skills I've learnt over many years of research and clinical practice I was able to help her to slowly get back to a balanced diet. If you're finding this tricky too then get in touch so I can make it simple and support you and your family. 



Hi! I'm Hannah, and when I'm not being a mummy, running or walking my two pugs, I'm supporting and empowering women and parents like you to take the stress out of what to eat, what to feed your little ones, and what foods you need to lead a happy and healthy life.



I am a Specialist Registered Dietitian based in the UK and my passion for nutrition and dietetics started in 2006.



Since this time I have worked with many different client groups for the NHS and also privately, but always had a passion for providing nutritional advice in pregnancy and childhood.



In 2021 I took the plunge and fulfilled my dream by starting my own business, bump2baby nutrition. My ethos is to support you through your pregnancy with great nutrition and to then help you and your little one in the post-natal period.


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