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About bump2baby nutrition!

If you want honest, reliable advice and are exhausted from sleepless nights, worrying about where to turn next then I'm here for you.



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I know how it feels. I struggled with pregnancy sickness with both my daughters and worried most of the time that I wasn't eating well enough. Things then got worse and I felt guilty when feeding didn't go to plan in the early days, wasn't breastfeeding supposed to be easy? 





I want to reassure you that I can support you and your little one and take the stress and worry away. Trust me, I'm a Dietitian.



Hi and welcome to bump2baby nutrition! I’m Hannah, a Specialist Registered Dietitian based in the UK and I love to help people like you with your child's nutrition and your nutrition in pregnancy. 



My passion for nutrition and dietetics started in 2006. Since this time I have worked with many different people in the NHS and privately, but I always had a passion for providing nutritional advice in pregnancy and childhood. In 2021 I took the plunge and fulfilled my dream by starting my own business, bump2baby nutrition.





Childrens Nutrition

Over the years I have had a lot of experience in so many different areas of children’s nutrition. I can help with cow's milk protein allergy, soya allergy, multiple food allergies, weaning, fussy eating, restricted eating, and vegan/plant-based diets. 



I want to share my knowledge and help you to support your little one.



I know it can be tricky but I want to take that worry away. 




I know my body went through a lot of changes in pregnancy, I know I liked some, others I wasn't so happy with!  If you feel completely overwhelmed by all the nutritional advice out there and need support I'm here to help. I want to empower you and help you to relax around food, not worrying about what you should and shouldn’t be eating, and help you negotiate the huge number of multivitamins out there.



I understand it can be really confusing and overwhelming at times and I’m here to support you! 






Post-Natal Support

This time can be hectic and suddenly your priorities can change, grabbing food when you can, not always putting yourself first. You might want to lose that 'baby weight', build your confidence or just know how food can help with recovery, all the time being a new mummy and supporting your little one.  



I’m here to help and will give you bespoke advice on practical, easy tips without elaborate recipes or regimes that just aren't realistic and can't be maintained, sound familiar? 



Great nutrition in the postnatal period can help to speed up your recovery and get you back in your best shape.






Did you know that when you breastfeed your requirements for certain nutrients can change? 



One of the most common things I hear is that mums are told they can't breastfeed or are encouraged to stop if their little one has a food allergy, this is not true!



I'm here to support with some easy changes to your diet to ensure that both you and your baby get optimum nutrition.





What is a Dietitian?

As a Dietitian the advice I give is governed by law. I have also set up my blog to debunk some myths and give you the ‘REAL’ evidence and changes you can make to support you and your rapidly growing little one.



As part of my blog, I am a member of the UK strand of RDs who signed up to RDs4Disclosure, which promotes ethical and clear blogging and social media posts.



I believe that life is about balance and I won’t be promoting any brands or products that I don’t feel passionate about, wouldn’t use myself and that won’t provide support to you and your family. Also, I won’t be telling you to go on a crash diet or talk about foods or supplements that will give miracle cures. I will though, guide and empower you through sharing my knowledge to set a plan specific to your goals.





Becoming a registered dietitian took me a bit longer than others as I had both my daughters during my studies. I graduated with a first-class honours in BSc Community Nutrition in 2011 and secondly a PgDip in Dietetics in 2016.



As part of my role as a Dietitian, I support our governing body the British Dietetic Association as a Media Spokesperson. I have also contributed to many articles supporting adult and childhood nutrition. Some people I have worked with include DailyMail, nursing times, BBC online and the Eastern Eye. I also regularly collaborate with others in the area of pregnancy and nutrition through IGTV on my Instagram page @bump2baby_nutrition and I have appeared on Channel 5s Secrets of your Supermarket food - check out my media page for more info.



Thank you for reading my ‘About me’. I hope you like my website and follow me on Instagram for more bite sizes chunks of advice.

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