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Your personalised service

From the start to finish


Step 1 - The discovery call


I will call you and have a chat about your concerns and goals and get you booked in for an initial full consultation. I feel this makes sure you are confident that you are spending your money on something that will benefit you and your family.



Step 2 - The initial consultation


A full history will be taken and a plan will be set to empower you to manage your nutrition or that of your little one. There won’t be any quick fixes but real, evidence-based advice.
I would typically recommend an initial appointment and a follow up but, it’s completely up to you.
If you have a package booked then we will agree on a review to suit your needs, there is no strict review timescale the plans are set to be perfect for you but if you need my support I can advise on suitable timescales. 

Step 3 - The Empowerment 


I will take the worry away, and you will be able to go about your day without even thinking about yours or your babies nutrition as you will be provided will all the skills you need! 



We offer video or telephone consultations, the below prices are for both options.

We may be able to offer a home visit - please contact us for more information.







60 minutes plus full write up and report to GP if requested

Initial & follow up


60minute plus 30 minute follow up

Follow up


45 minutes

Follow up


30 minutes

Follow up


15 minutes




Nutritional concern




60-minute initial, milk free weaning (30 minutes), milk ladder (15-30 minutes) and 2 x 15 minute follow up

£340– saving around £50


60-minute initial assessment, 2 x 30 minute follow up

£210 – saving £30

Please contact me for information on other packages.



Please contact for any additional requests or to enquire about our services.

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